Thursday, November 1, 2007

Earning by Blogging

Can u just imagine that you can earn just by posting blogs?

Blog is a personal place where you can post a certain topic about anything. You can talk about the present happenings around you.

How can you earn by blogging?

Do you know that many advertisers can advertise in your blog? Nice to hear it right? Your blog will be useful because you can earn just making it.

How can you do blogging and Earn more?

1. I can suggest you that you should think a topic which best describes you. Because in that topic you can discuss and say many things about it.

2. I can also suggest that you should use a topic about what's new, the trends, and what's in the future (like what's new,soon,etc.) . You could also search topics using search engines top list search keywords.

3. Make your blog sensible and more informational. Talk about your topic and site examples or testimonials about that.

4. In making blogs, you should always have an introduction and an Ending.

5. You can too advertise your blog by viewing other blogs and give them testimonial, and there you can advertise your blog.

6. If you think that your blog is sensible and informational, you can publish it and there you can apply for advertisement with google.

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